The Education Centre for Community (ECC) is a non profit organisation in Siem Reap that has been enabling students to escape the vicious cycle of poverty that is so prevalent in Cambodia.

They do this by offering free education to everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, or religion.

We strongly share their belief that every child deserves the right to build their identity in a safe environment, free from prejudice and discrimination of any kind. To show our support, we held a Christmas celebration at their school.

Officina del Prosciutto by Francesco Amatori, is a new food and beverage company operating in Cambodia. They donated several delicious Melagatti Panettoni that the kids loved!

We really have to thank the Officina del Prosciutto for donating the Melagatti Panettoni and also the Italian-Cambodian Business Association (ICBA). They enabled us to spread cheer and joy during the holiday season.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery below. The students loved the panettone and everyone had a great time.

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