We’re happy to introduce a new spot for Siem Reap foodies to shop for cold cuts, cheese, and accompaniments. Stop by our restaurant anytime to buy premium quality aperitif items at a massive discount.

You can purchase items separately, as an Italian Aperitif Platter (plus Bianca Pizza), or as an Italian Aperitif Platter with a bottle of Prosecco Astoria! Hurry, this is a limited time deal!

All items can be purchased separately. Here are the prices per 100 grams.
Parma Ham – $3
Speck – $3
Salame Spicy/Normal – $2.60
Mortadella – $2.20
Pecorino – $3.60
Grana Padano – $3
Mozzarella – $3.60
Olives – $1.30
Sun Dried Tomatoes – $4

Unsure of what to get? Ask us and we’ll prepare a classic Italian Aperitif Platter for you. Plus, we’ll throw in a large Bianca Pizza just because!

The Italian Aperitif Platter is $19. You can always add a bottle of Prosecco Astoria for $32!
Parma Ham – 50 grams
Speck – 50 grams
Spicy Salame – 50 grams
Mortadella – 50 grams
Pecorino – 50 grams
Grana Padano – 50 grams
Fresh Mozzarella
Olives – 80 grams
Sun-Dried Tomatoes – 50 grams
Eggplant Mousse
1 Large Pizza Bianca

Stop by our mini grocery store to find the most amazing prices on premium cold cuts and cheese in Siem Reap. Remember, this is a limited time deal so don’t miss out!

× Available from 12:00 to 23:00