Eat Italian at Home & Win With Our Delivery Sticker Collection & Lucky Golden Tickets!

How to Obtain Stickers & Tickets

During the Promotion Period, place a delivery order at any il forno restaurant location. Your delivery packaging will feature at least one gray Box Sticker. Collect ten of these Stickers to win a special gift on your next dine-in.

Delivery packaging will sometimes, in addition to a gray Box Sticker, feature a Lucky Golden Ticket redeemable on the next dine-in.

The Box Sticker Collection and Golden Tickets will be distributed while supplies last.

How to Participate

Inspect delivery packaging for gray Box Stickers and Lucky Golden Tickets. Carefully peel off these items to redeem your rewards on your next dine-in order. Share a picture of your delivered meal on Facebook using the hashtag #IlFornoCambodia for a 10% discount on your next visit. Just show us the picture.

  • All rewards are redeemable dine-in only
  • Share your meal and tag #IlFornoCambodia for 10% Discount
  • Collect 10 gray Box Stickers for a special gift
  • Golden Tickets valid for 14 days

The Odds

Every order is a winner!

Each delivery order placed will have, at a minimum, one gray sticker. 50 Golden Tickets distributed on a random basis are available during the first phase of the promotion. The 10% dine-in discount is available throughout the promotional period. Each picture posted must be of a unique order. No reposting of the same meal allowed.

The Materials

Download and print out a sheet to keep your stickers: Download

Golden Ticket Example

Deliver Sticker Example

Golden Ticket Promotion Card

× Available from 12:00 to 23:00