The health and safety of our restaurant employees and customers has always been our number one priority. In this post, we would like to share the enhanced safety and hygiene measures that we put in place to mitigate risks.

It has been a trying time for many business owners. Many had to take a hard look at the possibility of remaining open. We are lucky to have such a valuable team — family. We made them a commitment to remain open and it’s all thanks to their hard work and your loyal support.

sanitizing restaurant chairs

We also believe that it is because we acted early. We implemented additional cleaning policies and encouraged carryout and delivery orders as soon as possible.

  • Mandatory masks and gloves for all staff
  • Regular glove changing and hand washing times
  • Temperature checks and sanitizing upon entry for everyone
  • Higher frequency cleaning especially for menus, tabletops, table seasonings, handles, chairs, restrooms

safely serving pasta into a delivery box wearing mask and gloves

We are also happy to announce the beginning of new partnerships. We teamed up with three food ordering and delivery partners to make it easier for you to order il forno the way you want.

handing a large delivery order to NHAM24 driver

For il forno (Phnom Penh), we’ve teamed up with:

  • NHAM24
  • Meal Temple
  • Your Phnom Penh

For il forno (Siem Reap), we’ve teamed up with:

  • NHAM24

Of course, you can always contact us directly for your delivery and takeaway orders. Visit our Siem Reap page or Phnom Penh page for all the details.

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