Siem Reap has a wonderful business community. Together with local and foreign-owned businesses, we’re striving to create sustainable solutions that replace harmful environmental practices.

If protecting the environment is a cause that you back, we recommend checking out the following green initiatives. Some of these local projects have even spread outside of the city to effect the entire country and even the world.

At il forno, we believe in family. We will always support growing a strong community focused on environmental conservation, eco-friendly businesses and socially responsible projects.

Cambodian Eco-Friendly Businesses and Clean Initiatives

Clean Green Cambodia

Clean Green Cambodia is a recent green initiative aiming to help entities become more sustainable. Visit their website to learn about many of the green practices currently underway. It’s an easy to use tool that has information on where to find environmental products and services as well as how you can get involved.

Plastic Free Southeast Asia

Plastic Free Southeast Asia (PFSEA) was previously known as Plastic Free Cambodia and has grown to encompass all of Southeast Asia! PFSEA was started here in Siem Reap and focuses on reducing and stopping plastic consumption. Through online programs, workshops, and consultations, PFSEA is educating communities how to quit using plastic, effectively stopping plastic pollution at the source.

Refill Not Landfill

Refill Not Landfill is a green initiative founded in Siem Reap that has morphed into a global campaign. The aim is simple. Reduce single-use plastic drinking bottles and other single-use plastics.

Billions of plastic water bottles are discarded each year. By replacing them with reusable bottles and by setting up free, clean water refill stations, Refill Not Landfill is revolutionizing the way that locals and tourists consume water. Below are just some of the supporting businesses in town. Check the website for more.

Rehash Trash

Rehash Trash is a social enterprise by Green Gecko that is tackling two issues at the same time. Female empowerment and cleaning up the environment.

Rehash Trash hosts regular cleanups of the roadsides, gardens, rivers, and fields. Local women then take that material, clean it up, and produce useful and beautiful products. You’ll find these products displayed around town. Consider picking some up. You’ll be directly supporting a cleaner Siem Reap and providing an income to disadvantaged Cambodian women.

Green eBikes

Green eBikes provides zero emission vehicles enabling environmentally aware tourists and locals an easier way to travel.

The machine is a battery powered bicycle and can go for about 40 km. If you run out of charge, you can pedal to the nearest recharge station conveniently located throughout town and near the Angkor Park.

It’s a fun and environmentally friendly way to discover Siem Reap!

City Cleanups

There are many more initiatives happening around town. Often you’ll come across large groups of local businesses and students doing citywide cleanups. It’s amazing to see what’s possible to accomplish through a bit of hard work, smart ideas, and a sense of community.

Thanks to many, Cambodia is continuously making progress in lowering its environmental impact. Despite the many challenges, we’re now seeing positive change happening.

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